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S2S Electronics Ltd

S2S Electronics have been established for over 30 years offering IT asset recovery and WEEE recycling services to business across the whole of the UK. S2S work with many business to recover IT assets for secure refurbishment and resale and to ensure any redundant equipment is sustainably recycled. S2S hold a high level of accreditation and we ensure a zero to landfill policy for all equipment processed. Part of the service offering is also secure destruction of electronic media. Please see for more details

S2S on ReGaiL

S2S are a partner on the project and as an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility for WEEE in UK, S2S are licensed to take and treat WEEE waste. S2S will be looking at different types of Gallium containing WEEE and then looking at different separation and treatment techniques to get the best output material for subsequent processing.





Recolight is a not-for-profit company that operates a Producer Compliance Scheme under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. The company is set up and operated by and on behalf of producers of lighting equipment, including some of the biggest names in LED lamp manufacturing. Recolight provides a nationwide waste lamp collection and recycling service with more than 2,000 waste lamp collection points right across the UK. The 190+ lighting companies that are members of the Recolight scheme provide the finance needed to recycle the waste lighting equipment that is collected.


Role in project

Through its nationwide waste lamp collection infrastructure, Recolight can access significant quantities of waste LED lamps. Recolight aggregates these, and then sends them to other ReGaIL partners for use in the various recycling and recovery trials. Recolight is a member of the Lighting Industry Association, which can give the ReGaIL partnership access to lighting producers. Recolight also has good contacts with the waste, recycling and lighting industry press, to aid with dissemination of press releases.



Company Background


HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy that works with manufacturing companies across various industries to help them respond to market challenges by increasing productivity, transitioning towards a circular economy, and upscaling their products and processes. HSSMI connects industry experts with people who want to make their products in a cost effective, innovative and sustainable way.


HSSMI’s areas of expertise include manufacturing strategy, digital manufacturing tools, circular economy, lean manufacturing and automation, hydrogen propulsion, advanced manufacturing simulation, E-drives, battery technology, and project management.


Role in Project

HSSMI, who oversees project management for ReGaIL, will also design a discrete event simulation to combine and integrate each stage of the gallium recovery process. The simulation will provide a holistic insight into the recovery process, highlight any challenges in terms of scale-up at higher volumes and help to examine the overall viability. HSSMI will produce recommendations of a way forward based on the outputs from the simulation, which will ultimately feed into the business plan.

HSSMI is also supporting the business case development for the ReGaIL project via researching the stakeholder engagement, conducting a waste overview and performing a high-level economic assessment. Engaging with stakeholders will give valuable insight into the requirements and expectations of the market, adding nuance to the direction of the project. The waste overview and high-level economic assessment aim to add more certainty to the business case when determining next steps. Although they are high-level, these deliverables will aid the consortium in predicting obstacles for scale up.



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Envaqua Research Ltd


Company Background 

Envaqua Research Ltd is an SME that is devoted to the development and implementation of novel resource recovery technologies with a specific focus on materials conservation and reuse in the context of the circular economy. The company has a team of experts with over 60 years of combined experience in the development of equipment and processes for recovering a wide range of materials, including numerous metals such as cobalt, indium, tin, nickel and copper. Envaqua also has specific expertise in the design of novel equipment capable of operating efficiently and profitably over a range of scales from small pilot plant to large volume commercial units. The company actively seeks to develop new processes that are environmentally benign, resource-efficient and that generate little waste. 


Role in Project 

Envaqua Research will play a major role in proposing, developing and evaluating the new approach needed to enable end of life LED lamps to be used as a source of gallium for reuse in new applications.  Capitalising on its long-established expertise in the design of novel and integrated approaches for the recovery of a wide range of materials from end of life electrical and electronic products (WEEE), it will work with Recolight, S2S and EC Williams to define an economically viable efficient process for the recycling of gallium. The company will take an active role in the design, development and testing of the new recovery process using their extensive in-house knowledge and experience of advanced electrochemical metal recovery methods allied to novel dissolution systems. More specifically, it will seek to utilise innovative combinations of materials and processes that will ultimately enable gallium to be selectively recovered in high purity from unique ionic liquid-based plating solutions. Envaqua Research will also analyse the end user requirements for gallium and carry out a study of the currently utilised practices for the metal’s recovery.

E.C. Williams Ltd



A subcontracting electroplating company founded by Mr Charles Edwin Williams in 1921, EC Williams Ltd was established in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. In the 1970s the 2,000 square metre site was completely rebuilt into the modern purpose-built electroplating factory that we now occupy. Our range of plant and processes enable us to provide electroplated finishes primarily to the automotive OEM market and the electrical industries. We offer a wide range of coatings conforming to O.E.M, national and international standards and are ISO 9000 and 14000 accredited.


Role in Project

Our role in the Regail project is firstly to confirm that gallium metal can be electroplated out from a eutectic electrolyte (so-called electro winning).  Thereafter, our aim is to determine the optimum plating parameters to extract the highest volume of gallium in the most efficient manner. 

Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF)




The Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF) is a Birmingham based not-for-profit charitable organisation that was founded in 1925.  Its main purpose is to disseminate technical information by means of technical publications, meetings and conferences and to provide a worldwide focus for surface engineering and finishing activities through the fulfilment of the technical, educational and professional needs at all levels for both individual and businesses.

The Institute publishes both Transactions of the Institute of Materials Finishing (TIMF) and IMFormation; the former being a technical journal and the latter being a bimonthly newsletter for its membership.  It also runs regular webinars on topics of interest to its membership.

The Institute also offers the only UK based educational courses designed for all levels of employees in the surface engineering and associated industries.

Further details can be found at:


Role in project

The role of the IMF in this ReGaIL project is to publicise and disseminate the progress and outputs of this project.  This will be done through its own and the project’s websites, publications in TIMF, newsletters, webinars, seminars and promotion at exhibitions and conferences.